Review of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody – Sweet Suite Victory and Cory in the House – All Star Edition

July 28, 2007 Categories: Movies , Reviews , Television | 4 Comments  

(The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – Sweet Suite Victory and Cory in the House – All Star Edition were provided to me by Click Communications for the purpose of review.)

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We’ve only had satellite TV since last fall, and already The Suite Life of Zack and Cody has become a favorite of the kids. Yes, the comedy is silly; yes, the acting is over-the-top in that Disney Channel series style we’ve all come to know – but it’s a show that the kids can watch and I know is relatively safe. (The only thing I don’t like about this show is the fact that Zack and Cody – two junior high-age boys – go on dates. Now, nothing ever happens on these dates – in fact, they usually end in disaster – but the idea of kids dating at that age is absolutely ridiculous.)

Zack and Cody are twin boys who live in the famous Tipton Hotel in Boston. Their mom is a singer in the lounge, and the boys are continually wreaking havoc around the hotel and driving the maitre d’, Mr. Moseby, nuts. My favorite part of the show is the friendship between London Tipton, daughter of the hotel owner, and concession stand girl Maddie, played by Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – Sweet Suite Victory contains three episodes of the series, plus a trivia game and gag reel in the special features.

Cory in the House is a more recent addition to our Disney channel viewing. I guess it’s a spin off of That’s So Raven, but since we’ve never watched that show, I didn’t know that. The premise for this series requires a huge suspension of disbelief – but the kids think it’s hilarious. Cory’s dad gets a job as personal chef to the President of the United States, and he and Cory move in to the White House, and of course, mayhem ensues.

Cory in the House – All Star Edition includes four episodes of the show, one of which includes a guest star appearance by The Rock. Special features include a featurette on The Rock’s appearance.


  1. dumboxacademy

    My kids like the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in fact even my dh watches it! I have never been able to sit through an episode. Something about the whole style of it irritates me, so I take their word for it that it’s a funny show.

  2. Kev

    My kids love those shows. I abhor Suite Life. Someone give those boys a haircut and smack them around for behaving like that!!

    And Mr. Mosby is so the Benson clone!!

    I didn’t hate Cory in the House, but the acting was so over-the-top, it wasn’t fun at times. However, I have adopted “here come da pain” for use in real-life.
    Now, That’s So Raven was surpisingly enjoyable. Again often had over-the-top acting, but it had understandable life-lessons most episodes.

  3. carrie

    Faith – I hated it at first, too – but I think it grows on you. ;)

    Kev – My husband feels exactly like you do about Suite Life – my kids have learned not to watch it when Daddy’s around unless they want to hear him tell them everything that’s wrong with it!

  4. Lawanda

    My kids think these shows are very cool. I cannot stand them. None of them. Although That’s so Raven makes me giggle at times, it still bugs the livin’ daylights out of me!

    We don’t have extended cable, so the girls only watch them when they come on ABC (Saturdays mostly).