Note to Customer Service Guy

July 19, 2007 Categories: Rants | 13 Comments  

Dear nameless customer service guy:

When I call my credit card company to ask for a different due date for my payment, don’t tell me that it’s not possible to change the date. Especially when the web site says I can change the date by sending a secure message listing the time of month I would like my payment to be due. Don’t act surprised when I use a terse voice to inform you of that fact and then say, “Oh, I guess I can do that for you,” – unless you want to sound like a lazy jerk who just didn’t want to help me.

Another helpful hint. When I inform you that, “No, I don’t have a work number to add to this account,” – don’t say, ‘Why aren’t you working when you sound like such a young woman?” unless you want this 24/7 stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of four to come completely unglued, and inform you that, while this is none of your business, I do work – taking care of my family!

Just thought you might want to remember this for the next customer service call.

Sincerely, blah, blah, blah…

Note to self: don’t call customer service guy when you haven’t eaten in over three hours – and breakfast was only toast – and thought you’d just get this “little thing” taken care of before you eat.


  1. hennypenny


  2. Robin

    SO funny the tears are rolling! Been there, done that!

  3. carrie

    Henny & Robin – I’m laughing now, but I tell you there was steam coming out of my ears when I hung up with that guy!

  4. Andrea

    Oh I think that’s the *best* time to call customer service. :D

    He was being a jerk, though.

  5. Michelle

    Funny how irritable one gets when blood sugar is low :)

    I get really jumpy.

  6. Lawanda

    Aww! I can totally empathise, having spent about 2 hours total on the phone with my cell phone company yesterday!

    Luckily it was not two hours all at once, or I’d have blown a gasket!

  7. Mom

    I love this! It’s so totally honest.

  8. Birdie

    Just too true! Why does there seem to be so little actual customer service when you call a customer service line anyway?

  9. Carol in Oregon

    I can’t BELIEVE a CSR would ask you that. That’s beyond the beyonds. I had an interesting scenario talking to two different employees of QuickBooks this week. One accused the other of fraudulent behavior, etc. etc. I foolishly only got first names and both said, “My supervisor would REALLY like to know the name of the tech support guy you talked to.”

    I’m trying to remember the last pleasant phone call with a company I’ve had. It’s been a while…

  10. carrie

    Mom – i’m feeling much better now. :)

    Birdie – too sad, isn’t it?

    Carol – I know! I’m always so amazed when I get a helpful CSR that I want to send them a thank-you card.

  11. carrie

    Andrea – yes, next time, I’ll eat first. And have a glass of wine, perhaps. ;)

    Michelle – I do, too – so I should’ve known better!

    Lawanda – two hours? You poor thing!

  12. Kev

    You need to write a letter to that company and tell them what happened. Especially if you got the guys name. That’s uncalled for and is definitely *NOT* customer service.

  13. Jennifer

    Ooh…I can’t believe he asked you why you don’t have a job. That was totally inappropriate.