I Will Survive!

May 30, 2007 Categories: Books , Kid Stuff , Movies | 7 Comments  

Actually, it hasn’t been that bad. Until tonight – when we took all six kids to the swimming pool. Andrew, the 3-year-old, gulped a whole bunch of water, and then proceeded to vomit all over the concrete at the pool’s edge. Thank goodness, most of it did not make it into the pool

Then, when we were all relaxing in the hot tub, I noticed that Andrew, who is supposed to be potty trained, had pooped in his swim diapers. I pulled him out of the hot tub and headed for the shower where… Well, let’s just say this evening exposed me to more bodily substances than I’ve had to deal with in a long, long time. We decided that Kevin will take the older kids swimming Friday and I will stay home with Andrew.

They’re all quiet and sleeping so peacefully right now. Deceptively innocent. I’d like to stay up really late and enjoy it, but then I’ll be too tired to keep up with them tomorrow!

I have had a little time to read – I’m halfway through The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards – and it is as fantastic as everyone says it is.

Kevin and I also watched a great movie – started it on Monday night, finished it tonight: Flyboys, about Americans who went to France to fly against the Germans before the US had even entered WWI. Long, but good. Kevin thought it was a little slow – he could’ve done without the love story element – but I enjoyed it. And knowing that it was a true story, telling about real men who flew these planes, made it truly amazing. Orville and Wilbur Wright flew their first successful flight in 1903. 13 years later – only 13! – these young men were flying in combat against the Germans.

~Minor spoiler warning~

At the end, they showed on the screen what the men in this group went on to do after the war – the ones that survived, that is. One of the men was an African American. He had come to France to be a boxer – and because he had heard that the French treated blacks better than the Americans did – which was mostly true. He flew in this group – successfully – helping to defend France from the Germans. When the Americans entered the war, he joined up with his countrymen – and was not allowed to fly. To know that this hateful discrimination was not only allowed – but was government policy for the US at this time – makes me sick to my stomach.

Anyway, I don’t know a whole lot about WWI (Kevin is a huge WWII buff, so we know tons about that conflict!) – but this movie made me want to read up on it – the causes, the men who fought. Any book suggestions?

Well, I’m going to turn in before it gets any later. I have a bunch of links I’ve been saving, so hopefully I’ll find time to post on Friday.


  1. The Woman

    Hang in there, Carrie!

  2. Randi

    Oh gosh, I can only imagine the pool scene! This will make for a really funny story—someday!

  3. Lawanda

    Oh no! I am so sorry that you’ve been having to deal with bodily substances!

    I want to watch that movie, so I didn’t read the spoiler ;)

  4. Carol in Oregon

    Welcome back! What a week! I tried to comment earlier but they were rejected (?); somehow they didn’t make it.

  5. Carol in Oregon

    My, my!

  6. dumboxacademy

    The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman is a great intro to WWI.

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