Boys, boys, and more boys

May 29, 2007 Categories: Kid Stuff | 4 Comments  

Our house is like a little testosterone factory this week. My sister Marni and her husband Hans flew out to St. Louis this morning to check out a seminary he will be possibly attending in the fall. They dropped their two boys off at our house last night, and they’re staying until Sunday morning.

So the official count is: Noah, 8; Jonathan, 7; Josiah, 5; Peter, 5; and Andrew, 3. Oh, and Natalie – she’s ten, and feeling slighty outnumbered.

They’re having fun, though. Pray for my sanity. The hardest part is that we’re stuck at home since I don’t have a car that will hold them all. No quick runs for a latte fix!


  1. Lawanda

    Oh no! No lattes! LOL

    Enjoy your nephews :) I know when I watch my cousin’s little boy, I am sorta glad I don’t have any boys, myself. haha

  2. Birdie

    Boys are such fun, but they can also be quite exhausting. Have fun with your family!

  3. The Woman

    Praying for your sanity form a safe distance! LOL

  4. carrie

    Lawanda – boys and girls are so different, aren’t they?

    Birdie – yes, they are fun! And exhausting. And fun, and exhausting, over and over and over…

    Woman – thanks!