Winners of the Book Giveaway

May 20, 2007 Categories: Books , Contests | 6 Comments  

Well, I had eight books to give away and nine people entered – so I pulled one more book of my bookshelves. All nine of you should expect a book sometime in the next couple of weeks!

I drew Woman‘s name first. Since she told me to pick one for her, she will be receiving In The Beginning…There Were No Diapers: Laughing and Learning In The First Years Of Fatherhood by Tim Bete. I laughed out loud many times while reading this, Woman – I know you’ll enjoy it!

Carol came next, and she get’s her first choice: Writers on Writing, Volume II: More Collected Essays from The New York Times. You’ll find lots of great authors to add to your “to-read” list in this one!

Next, I drew Lawanda‘s name – so she also gets her first choice: Connecting With Your Kids by Timothy Smith. Since you’re all about being a good mama to those girls of yours, this book is a perfect fit.

Next came Sanjay. Her first choice was Good Grief by Lolly Winston. This is a heartbreaking and funny book – have Kleenex handy!

Gem was next, and so I closed my eyes and grabbed one from the pile: At the Scent of Water by Linda Nichols. Ooo, another tearjerker, but in a good way. ;)

Laura‘s name came next. Her first two choices were gone, so she gets Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler. I don’t remember a lot about this book, but I do know I enjoyed it. Some of Tyler’s titles have kind of merged in my mind. Hey, I just opened it for clues about the plot and found a reminder for a dentist appointment for Natalie in November of 2005. Wonder if we made it?

Debs name was drawn next, and she asked me to pick for her, so I’m sending My Own Two Feet: A Memoir by Beverly Cleary. Since Debs hails from “across the pond” – this will give her a taste of college life in America during the WW II years. (Now, Debs, I have no idea what it costs to mail a book to England, so if it costs an arm and a leg, I hope you’ll forgive me if I go back on my offer! :) )

I drew your name next, Karen, and all three of your choices were gone. So this is where running downstairs and picking something off the bookshelf came in. I chose The List by Robert Whitlow. It’s a great Christian thriller – it’ll keep you turning the pages.

Randi‘s name was the last one in the bowl, and she will receive her second choice, The Know-It-All: One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World by A. J. Jacobs. It reads like a very entertaining blog, and you’ll pick up all sorts of useful (and useless) information.

Well, that’s it! Keep visiting – and maybe I’ll have another giveaway when the counter hits 100,000!


  1. Sanjay

    Thanks so much, Carrie. Kleenex – here I come :-)

  2. Lawanda

    Thanks Carrie! I am very much looking forward to it :)

  3. Birdie

    Congratulations to all!

  4. The Woman

    WHOOPEE! YAY! HURRAY! Doing the happy dance! Thank you, Carrie!

  5. Debs

    Oh wow, how exciting :-)
    I don’t think\hope it doesn’t cost too much. If it helps I have a paypal account that I’ve used to send postage money to people (Jana and Blest from OWOA) in the past. I don’t know if you have a paypal account, but if you do I would be happy to pay the postage costs… let me know what you think :-)

  6. Gem

    Thank you, Carrie! I know I’ll love it if you did — our tastes seem to run similarly.