Links for Friday

I have so many links to share this week! Lots of good stuff on the web, and since we were on Spring Break, I actually had time to find some of it!

~Writing and Living is one of the first blogs I ever read, and one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own. Staci has a dry, slightly sarcastic sense of humor that I can completely relate to. Evidence: this post.

~Newsweek has a great article called We Protect Kids From Everything But Fear. I can’t remember where I saw it linked first, so I don’t know who to give credit to. But read it anyway – it’s good.

~If you, like most bloggers, have the Great American Novel inside you dying to get out – take heart. It’s never too late.

~Kev at The Bayer Family Blog posted this great article about why English is so difficult to learn.

~This editorial about the upcoming presidential election might get me in trouble, but I’m posting it anyway.

~Christianity Today has posted a slide show of some modern art pieces inspired by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

~Brant at Letters From Kamp Krusty is posting again, and had some great posts this week. Check out this one and this one.

~April is National Poetry Month, and will e-mail you a poem a day every day this month.

~Who wouldn’t want to be woken up by this?

~How well do you know the 50 states? Can you name all 50 in less than 10 minutes – no peeking allowed? Try it. Hat tip to Throwing Marshmallows. I missed two: Oklahoma and Delaware. I had the other 48 in about 4 minutes, and I spent the last 6 minutes driving myself crazy to figure out what I’d missed.

~For all you Losties out there, check out this incredible video of a Photoshop painting of John Locke.

Whew! I told you there were a lot!

Do you have wonderful plans for Easter weekend? I hope so. After dying Easter Eggs with the kidlings, I will be having a Girls’ Night with Michelle tonight. If her DVD player isn’t on the fritz, we’ll be watching Stranger Than Fiction. If it isn’t working, we’ll watch Much Ado About Nothing, which I own on VHS. Hey, I just remembered, Dr. Wilson from House is in that one!

Saturday, Kevin will be taking a trip to the dump to clean up the backyard, and I will clean up the house in preparation for Sunday. I’m thinking about renting the new Charlotte’s Web to watch with the kids Saturday night.

Sunday, Mom and Dad and Don and Michelle and their boys will be coming over after church for Easter dinner. No traditional ham for us – Kevin will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs and I’m making a huge potato salad. Dad’s bringing a yummy desert that has “mud pie” somewhere in the title. We’ll have an egg hunt after dinner for the kids. Lots of fun to be had all around!

I will be posting something more serious later on in honor of Good Friday. I hope your Resurrection weekend is a blessed one!


  1. Lisa

    Have a blessed Easter!

    (That alarm clock wouldn’t work for Jack. There’s a reason his is called a Screamin’ Mimi! *LOL*)

  2. Randi

    I read the editorial and I agree! Honestly, I think that some Christians want to “Christianize” America and I think that is ridiculous. Our leaders should be safeguarding our freedoms so that we can worship as we choose. Our country was founded largely for that purpose and to try to change into something other than that is scary!

  3. carrie

    Lisa – yes, Jeeves does not yell. He’s much too refined for that!

    Randi – Exactly.

  4. Katy McKenna

    Those darned 50 states. I never got them thoroughly memorized in grade school, and am still tripped up when I try to do them fast. Sheesh. Fun links, Carrie!

  5. carrie

    Katy – Thanks for stopping by! Glad your blog-break is over.

  6. curtney

    yeah fun links carrie!!!haha! today’s my first day at the high school… it’ so boring!!!!!