Twelve Years

March 31, 2007 Categories: Marriage | 13 Comments  

For part of our Bible study this year on a woman’s role in marriage, our leader has us compiling a list about our husbands. Each week when we come in, she asks us to write something about our husbands that we are grateful for – something in their character, something they have done for us, etc. Then when we are having one of those days where marriage is hard work, we can refer to the list and remember why we love these men so much.

Today, Kevin and I have been married twelve years. A dozen! And in honor of that, I’m posting my list.

~He values my work as a wife and mother.
~He is a good provider.
~He accepts me as I am.
~He has a great sense of humor.
~He thinks I’m worth it.
~He is protective of me.
~He gives me time for myself.
~He puts his family first financially.
~He likes to have fun with the kids.
~He chooses the right thing even when it’s hard.
~He likes to make me laugh.
~He is friendly to everyone.
~He doesn’t stay angry at me.
~He likes to talk.

Of course, by the end of the year, there will be many more items on this list. I think of new reasons every day to be so grateful for the man I was privileged to marry.

Happy Anniversary, honey. Here’s to dozens more!


  1. Beth

    Happy Anniversary! Chris and I just celebrated our twelve year anniversary as well, three weeks ago! ;)
    Great list! When I’ve taken the time to list our what I’m grateful for in my hubby, it’s always ended up amazing me how MANY things about him I love. And it’s so good to have to look back on.

  2. carrie

    Thanks, Beth! And Happy Anniversary right back at ya!

  3. Birdie

    Happy anniversary! I hope all of your years together are always happy and blessed.

  4. carrie

    Thank you so much, Birdie.

  5. Ron

    Happy Anniversary. After a dozen is a baker’s dozen :)

  6. carrie

    Thanks, Ron! March is a great month for an anniversary, eh? ;)

  7. Lisa

    Nothing on the list impresses me more than hearing that Kevin LIKES to talk! Every woman’s dream! *Chuckle*

    May God continue to bless your marriage!

  8. Randi

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. carrie

    Lisa – I know! I’ve seen what a non-communicative husband can do to a marriage, and I am so blessed!

    Randi – thanks!


    He likes to talk. Truely an amazing man, esp after only 12 years of training! Rod

  11. carrie

    Rod – yep – actually he didn’t require much training. In this area. ;)

  12. Carol at Magistra Mater

    Congrats. I love to hear women talk brag on their husbands (in a good way).

  13. carrie

    Carol – Thanks! I do, too. And I love to see or hear about husbands who deserve to be bragged on.