Links for Friday

March 29, 2007 Categories: Books , Homeschooling , Writing | 3 Comments  

Spring Break is here! We finished our schoolwork this morning (Thursday). I am so ready for a break from science and history and math and grammar… Reading and reading aloud will continue, of course. And lots of it. I also promised myself that I will only do normal housework next week. Spring cleaning can wait till summer – I only have a week off!

No big plans this weekend – hopefully the sun will last and the kids will get lots of outdoor time.

Here are a few links:

~In case you’ve been under a rock, the cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been revealed. Follow the link to see not only the US cover, but also the UK kids’ and adult versions.

~Next month, Christopher Tolkien will publish The Children of Hurin, a book his father started and he completed.

~Melanie Lynn Hauser has written another hilarious post. This one is titled The Care and Feeding of Authors.

Oops, I almost forgot! Our 12th anniversary is Saturday. We celebrated Sunday night, so it will be uneventful, but I do have a post planned to tell some of the reasons I still love Kevin after a dozen years.


  1. Birdie

    The new Tolkien book has been the subject of MUCH excitement here. We are SUCH nerds! ;)

  2. Lisa

    ~*~ Happy Anniversary! ~*~

  3. carrie

    Birdie – I don’t find getting excited about a book nerdy at all!

    Lisa – thanks! :)