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March 28, 2007 Categories: Homeschooling , Kid Stuff , Movies , Television | 1 Comment  

…on our way to Bible Study, then science and Latin classes. Next week is Spring Break – I can hardly wait! I think I’m more excited than the kids are. Just a few snapshots of our life lately:

Kevin and I went out to dinner Sunday night to celebrate our anniversary (a week early) and then we went to see the movie Wild Hogs with John Travolta, William H. Macy, Tim Allen, and Martin Lawrence. Hilarious! A little coarse in parts – so consider yourself warned – but I expected that with a road-trip movie about four middle-aged guys. It was nice to get out without the kiddos for a few hours.

I swam three times last week and came away with some water in my ear that I can’t get rid of. It has stopped hurting, but I still get this swimmy-headed feeling when I move around a lot. Not fun.

I am very glad we didn’t take our Spring Break this week, when the neighborhood kids are all out. I am beginning to think I’ll only let my kids outside to play when the rest of the neighborhood is in school. They’re never out there more than ten minutes before one of them comes running in to tell me that one of the other kids is A) throwing rocks, B) using foul language, or C) threatening to never be their friend again if they don’t play exactly what they want to play. Aargh!

Lastly, any American Idol fan-atics out there? What was up with Sanjaya’s hair last night? Crazy!

Well, we’re headed out soon, and I need to get the rugrats moving. Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Karen

    Emily’s spring break is next week, but I don’t know if we’ll be taking one here at home or not. At the rate we are going now, we will be “in school” until after the first week of June, and that is without taking any days off! I still plan to keep math going all summer, though. And I may work on composition/writing skills as well… something we just don’t do enough of.

    I live-blogged AI last night. Sanjaya’s hair was like a bad car accident. While I had to turn my head away, part of me had to keep looking back.