That Darned Proverbs 31 Woman

February 28, 2007 Categories: Faith | 13 Comments  

We’ve been studying our role as wives this year during ladies’ Bible study, and last week we came to…gulp…the Proverbs 31 woman. You know the one, the woman who makes us all want to crawl in bed with a bar of chocolate and pull the covers over our head. Or is it just me? Am I the only one who finds this passage in Scripture completely overwhelming and intimidating?

Our leader asked us to look at this Scripture in the Amplified Bible, as well as our usual translations, and make a list of the characteristics that we see in this woman. Not the things she does – because, really, how many of us are getting up in the morning to organize our maids? Some of what she did was very different than what we do today – but the characteristics she exemplifies can be applied no matter what century or culture we live in.

So I took about thirty minutes, and here’s the list I came up with:

~She is morally excellent, righteous, chaste, and beneficial to her husband.
~She has merit.
~She is capable.
~She is worthy of her husband’s confidence and reliance upon her.
~She enriches her husband’s life.
~She does not hinder, delay, or hamper her husband in any way.
~She gives her husband assistance and support.
~She improves, relieves, rescues, benfits, promotes, and serves her husband.
~She is busy.
~She arranges things.
~She is intentional and makes plans.
~She is industrious, skillful, diligent, and full of energy.
~She is strong, frugal, and has great resources.
~She is compassionate and generous.
~She is confident.
~She is careful and observant.
~She is worthy, honored, and esteemed.
~She is full of wisdom and kindness.
~She fears the Lord.

Whew! I need to go lay down – this woman exhausts me. Unfortunately, this assignment left me discouraged and ashamed. I fall so short of this ideal. And so I went to Bible study feeling deflated and a little apprehensive of what I would hear.

But before we got to the discussion time, I led worship. And this is one of the songs I had chosen for this morning:

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!
Amazing love, now flowing down
From hands and feet that were nailed to a tree,
As grace flows down and covers me.

It covers me.
It covers me.
It covers me…
And covers me.

Words and music by David E. Bell, Louie Giglio, & Rod Padgett

I am not always morally excellent and righteous…but He covers me.

I am not a consistent support and benefit to my husband…but He covers me.

I am not always diligent and busy and capable and confident and compassionate and frugal and generous and wise and kind and…

He covers me.

And because He covers me, I won’t crawl into bed with a chocolate bar and give up. I will keep clinging to Him and allow Him to make me more like that list. Will I be perfect? Not in this life. Can I do better? Not on my own. But He covers me.


  1. Karen

    Wow. Thanks for sharing that. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate.

  2. Lisa

    Thank you, Carrie! *Smile*

    Now… About that chocolate bar…

  3. Kevin

    I have to say,
    You are most of those things most of the time.
    The fact that you try makes you a better woman than most.
    The fact that you admit your faults make you a better woman than most.

    I am sure that woman was the same way. I am sure there where days that she sounded like a drippy faucet. Or times when her husband would rather sleep on the roof.

    But most of the time she was selfless. Sacrificing herself to God and her husband, and her children.

    How many people are like that today in our “Christian Culture”?

    Your hubby

  4. Andrea

    I think you have a keeper there, carrie. And I agree with him. :)

  5. lady laura

    Most of the time I am inspired by *her*, but sometimes, I also want to crawl under the covers. It is good to be reminded that His grace is sufficient. Thanks:)

  6. Lawanda

    Awww What a nice hubby you got there! :)

    I agree. The proverb is about wise living as a woman. It is not like anyone can be all those things, all the time!


    My mom comes pretty close. Try living next door to someone like that… who also happens to be your mom ;)

    I feel lazy and incompetent most of the time! No wonder my bed is never made and I eat so much chocolate! lol

  7. carrie

    Karen & Lisa – you’re welcome!

    Kevin – what can I say? Love truly is blind. You made me cry – good think I hadn’t put my makeup on yet! :)

    Andrea – yep, he’s a keeper!

    Lady Laura – thanks for your kind comments.

    Lawanda – that would be intimidating!

  8. char

    Amen sister great post. Thanks for the reminder of how loving our Lord is. Char

  9. carrie

    Char – thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. Kev

    I have to say, my DW Rubi is most of those most of the time. She probably wouldn’t agree, but it’s true.

    And I, stupidly, fault her for some of those things (especially the “She is busy” one).

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  12. Ron

    As it should be.

  13. Keziah @ A Woman who Fears the Lord

    It’s good to know that she wasn’t a real woman, but what sons should be looking for in their wives. It makes me feel a little less inadequate!

    Thank you for the reminder that he does “cover” all our sins and faults!

    (Visiting via the Blog Party)