Ready for Spring

February 22, 2007 Categories: Kid Stuff | 5 Comments  

I thought I was the only one suffering from the winter blahs, but this morning Josiah (5yo) ran into the living room, looked out the window, and burst into tears. I was in the kitchen and came in to ask him what was wrong.

“It’s snowing!” he wailed. “I miss the grass!”


  1. Jodi

    Hey, Big Guy, I hear ya!

  2. Birdie

    Poor baby. :(

    Here in Texas, we have had our grass back (in varying shades of green and brown) for about a week. I miss the sky, however, as it is really cloudy and yucky today! I’m a solar-powered mommy and days like this can make it really hard to get going!

  3. carrie

    Jodi – He’s much happier today – the snow didn’t stick, and the birds are out in droves!

    Birdie – my hubby’s like that, too, he gets really down during the gray days of winter. It doesn’t help that he leaves when it’s dark and gets home when it’s dark and works in an office with no windows!

  4. Lawanda

    hehe Kela (11 yo) was looking out the window this morning shaking her head and said “The grass is just not the same as it is in summertime.”

  5. Lisa