One of those days

January 23, 2007 Categories: Homeschooling | 14 Comments  

I put myself in time-out this morning. Jonathan refused to read for me – after squirming, talking, and generally disrupting his way through Spanish and Science – and I lost my temper. And I was so angry I left the room and locked myself in the bathroom.

After some crying and talking to myself (“You’re okay, you can do this, you can always pick up chocolate on the way home from ballet”), I emerged and asked Jonathan to go downstairs and stay downstairs until he was ready to do his schoolwork with a cheerful attitude.

The amazing thing is that it worked! When I called down a half-hour later and asked if he was ready, I heard, “Yes, Mom.” He came up, got his book, and quickly and efficiently read his assignment. I went over his math and language pages, and he worked his way through that, more quickly than usual.

And I’m left wondering: was it the timeout downstairs or the fact that Mommy left the room sobbing that did it?


  1. Robin

    (((Oh, Carrie!))) I have SO been there! Sometimes they just have to actually SEE that we are humans and not just Moms or teachers. It probably didn’t feel it, but you showed great control by leaving and then making HIM leave. :)

  2. Randi

    Days like this are just no fun! I am glad you are feeling better and your day is going nicely!

  3. carrie

    Robin and Randi – thanks so much for the encouragement!

  4. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    Good for you!

    I don’t homeschool, but trying to get my son to do his homework (he is only five so it isn’t much) makes me go crazy! He is so smart and can do the tiny bit of it so fast when he wants to, but instead he messes around and tries to make me crazy! I can not imagine homeschooling!

    Sounds like your son got a valuable lesson today. :)

  5. Lisa

    I usually put Emily in the corner until she’s ready to make a more joyful noise… *Hugs-a-bunch*

  6. Steph

    You did a terrific job of turning a bad day around.
    :-) Kudos to you! I hope you got your chocolate – you deserve it!

  7. carrie

    Janice, Lisa, and Steph – thanks!

  8. Kev

    I’d say it’s a combination of both.
    Once he saw that he really upset mom, and then he had to go think dwell on it… Both time outs (times out?) contributed to his change of demeanor.

    Sounds like you handled it quite well: pulled yourself together and then handled the situation.

    Sometimes the best thing to “do” is go away for a few minutes to collect yourself.

  9. carrie

    Kev – I think you’re probably right!

  10. Andrea (admin)

    We call those Mommy Time Outs. :)

  11. carrie

    Andrea – I think I’m going to use those more often, since it worked so well!

  12. Lawanda

    Awww. I am glad he was more helpful afterward!

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  14. carrie

    Lawanda – yes, the rest of the week has been better.