Happy Boxing Day

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Well, since we don’t have any servants to give the day off and to gift with our leftovers, I’ll be serving leftovers for dinner and giving myself the day off! I even had leftover cobbler for breakfast.

Our Christmas was wonderful, but today seems like a letdown since Kevin had to go back to work. He had Thursday and Friday off, so we had a long weekend and I really shouldn’t complain. On Saturday, Kevin took the kids sledding for a couple hours in the afternoon and later that evening we all went swimming at the local indoor pool. The kids slept really good that night!

On Christmas Eve, I cleaned house and made green bean casserole and raspberry cobbler while watching the heart-breaking Seahawks vs. Chargers game. That evening we went to a Christmas Eve service at a local church we’ve been visiting. The service was very nice – lots of beautiful music – but a little long. It was at least an hour and a half and didn’t start until 7 p.m., so by the time we looked at lights on the way home, we only had an hour or so to visit with our friends who came by for cookies and egg nog. All in all, though, it was a very nice Christmas Eve. And the service really focused on Who Christmas is about, and the kids didn’t get too crazy, so all was well.

Kevin and I stayed up much too late, though, watching season one of Battlestar Galactica. I dragged myself out of bed at 7:15, thinking I told my parents to come at 8:30. I took a quick shower, woke Kevin up who needed a shower and to wrap my presents (he’s even more of a procrastinator than I am!). I had just eaten a quick piece of toast and made sure the kids were dressed when my parents arrived – at 8:00! I had told them 8, but told myself 8:30. Oops!

Opening presents is so much fun – especially when the kids have carefully picked out gifts for each other. They were (almost) more excited to see everyone open the gifts from them than they were to see their own gifts. Almost. ;)

We gave and received some really nice things. Among the greatest hits were this for Kevin:

This for Natalie:

This for Noah (the 100-piece kit, I couldn’t fine a link to it):

For Jonathan:

For Josiah:

I can’t pick a favorite, so here’s what I received:

This is from my lovely sister Andrea, and I already started reading it:

From Kevin:

(That way I can stop borrowing his every time I have to drive down to Chewelah for Nan’s ballet class.)

And I used my last Club Mom check and a Barnes & Noble card earned with the last of my monthly Club Mom points to purchase seasons 3 and 4 of this:


Nothing like buying yourself a Christmas gift! So what was your favorite gift?


  1. Kev

    My sister-in-law is a big Mt. Dew drinker – she lives on the stuff 24/7. Awhile back I had myself a 20oz Mt. Dew and the cap had Buy one Get one free inside it. I saved that cap for her and included it with the rest of her gift. She loved it.

    My father-in-law bought a DVD-camcorder late last year and gave me all the DVDs he’s taken so far (each less than 20 minutes). I ripped them all and made them into a single DVD for his viewing, and made a copy for my parents too since they don’t get to spend as much time with my kids as my in-laws do. Those DVDs were part of their gifts.

    Earlier this year, my co-workers all submitted recipes to me and I compiled them into a small recipe book for everyone I work with. I gave copies of this recipe book to some of my family members as part of their gifts.

    I filled out a survey for a work-related magazine earlier this year and recieved a $25 Amaxon gift certificate for doing so. I used the gift certificate to order three books for my wife, ostensibly for Christmas gifts, but we agreed not to exchange gifts this year (we bought ourselves a digital camera on Black Friday – that was our Christmas Gift to each other) – so she got the books a couple of weeks before Christmas.

    At church, my kids get “Bible bucks” for memorizing their Bible verse, bringing their Bible with them to church, being there, brining a friend, and so forth. The kids get to spend these bucks on things like pencils, small Christian themed toys, larger items like Bibles and Bible covers, etc. My oldest daughter saved hers up and bought my wife one of those little blue and white plastic snow globes with a snow man scene inside for her Christmas gift.

    At our small group a few weeks ago, I noticed that our hosts had several ornaments on their tree their kids had made out of CDs (like AOL CDs) and thought they were really neat. My oldest daughter made me one in her art class and gave it to me for Christmas.

    And… my family had planned on going to Florida and Disney World the week before Christmas this year with my wife’s parents and her sister. But our vehicles kept breaking down this year and all the money we had been saving for our trip kept going to major car repairs so we couldn’t go with them. They got back and said they had fun but missed having their grandkids with them. So they’re giving us a practically all-expenses paid trip to Disney World with them next December as our Christmas gift for next year. They’re getting the hotel on-property, buying the tickets and all the meals. We just have to pay for the gas to drive down and any souvenirs we want (and a new van before then because our current vehicles won’t make that trip). My in-laws rock.

  2. Michelle

    Battlestar Galactica? Loved that one! Cylon raiders were too cool.

  3. carrie

    Kev – Whew – what a list! And you do have great in-laws, what a wonderful thing to look forward to!

    Michelle – this is the new series from the Sci-Fi channel. They changed a few things, most notably the fact that Starbuck is a girl!

  4. Lawanda

    My brother has told me very often I need to watch BG. I should do that someday! LOL

    I love that whole excited for others to open presents from themselves thing! My kids love to give gifts. Kela drew a pic and wrote a poem for me and her dad :)

    I got an iPod nano! (WOOT!) and tfal set. Plus one book of my favorite Jane Austens (P&P, S&S, Emma, and Persuasion) from my cousin :) Those were my faves.

    I almost got the Taylor Hicks cd. I just loved him on Idol :)

    Glad you all had a fun xmas!!!

  5. Mama Heffalump


    My favorite gift? A nap! *Grin*

  6. carrie

    Lawanda – cool on the Nano! What’s tfal? I’ll let you know how Taylor’s CD is.

    Mama – ooo, that is a good one!

  7. Lawanda

    T-fal cookware, the skillets and pots and pans with non-stick stuff. Mine was from when we got married (almost 14 years!) so I needed new ones bad! :)

  8. carrie

    Lawanda – I had a feeling it was something to do with cooking. Cool!

  9. Bethany

    Ah…my favorite gift, and really my only gift, was a pair of diamond earrings. They were beautiful. But…I loved my Celtic Women CD! So thanks for the Christmas present Carrie!! :D

  10. carrie

    Bethany – I am so glad you like the CD! You are very welcome.