My Very Own

November 30, 2006 Categories: Movies | 5 Comments  

I put the copy Sarah won in the mail on Monday. And guess what I got from the lovely FedEx man yesterday? My very own copy to read and review. Special Ops Media contacted me to let me know they were receiving more copies than they anticipated and would be sending me one to keep and review. Woo hoo! So all of you who were concerned with the fact that I haven’t seen this yet – I will be fixing that very soon.

Oh, and I forgot to mention before that both the copy that Sarah won and the copy I will be reviewing is the new 10th Anniversary Special Edition. It includes one whole extra disc of special features, including: a Jane Austen Biography episode and an exclusive new retrospective documentary about the making of the series. There is also a 120 page deluxe companion book called The Making Of Pride and Prejudice with photos, illustrations, and interviews with cast and crew. So cool!


  1. Gem

    I’m loving Special Ops myself — I’m about to review a new Nancy Drew PC game. The girls have hardly stopped playing to eat and sleep!

  2. Mama Heffalump


  3. carrie

    Gem- that game sounds cool – I’m looking for Christmas gifts for Natalie, so I’ll be sure to check out your review.

    Mama – Happy Dance!

  4. Debs

    Oh I’m glad you’ve got one too Carrie :-)

    Gem – Nancy Drew seems to live on forever doesn’t she?! I read those books when I was younger (And still have them somewhere ;-) )

  5. Birdie

    Oh, Congratulations!