Catching up

November 27, 2006 Categories: Books , Holidays , Homeschooling , Movies , This and That | 4 Comments  

Let’s see:

We spent all of Friday and half of Saturday at my parents again, visiting and corralling children. It was “precious chaos”, to quote my mom.

Saturday afternoon, the kids and I met Michelle and her hubby and kids to see The Santa Clause 3. It was cute in parts, but definitely not as good as the first two. And, boy, was the theater crowded!

Sunday, I caught up on laundry and housekeeping that had gone by the wayside.

Oh, I also updated the “Good Reads” section of my sidebar with some great books I “discovered” this year so far.

Thanksgiving morning, I woke up with a cracked filling on a molar. I spent most of the weekend free-basing ibuprofen and that numbing stuff that tastes horrible. Fortunately, the kids had check-ups and cleanings scheduled for this afternoon, so I’m bumping two of them so that the dentist can fix my tooth and I can stop being in pain – and chew on my normal side. Anyone else out there have a side of your mouth to prefer to chew on? Well, I do, and when it hurts, it’s a pain in more ways than one.

Tomorrow, I have a haircut appointment and the boys have Tae Kwon Do in the evening. Wednesday involves our usual craziness of Bible study, science class, Latin class, and ballet – with grocery shopping crammed in there somewhere. Thursday, the kids and I will be getting our flu shots now that the icky cold/sinus thingy seems to be abating – finally.

And, somewhere in all of that, we will be doing our last week of school for the year. We resume again after New Year’s. We’ll spend the next four weeks reading aloud, art, and music, and Christmas-y stuff.

So, what’s going on with you?


  1. Lawanda

    Reading aloud! I wish I could do that. I always yawn – over and over – while trying to read out loud!

    But my kids like to read to me :) :) :)

    I am glad you were able to get your tooth fixed. Major pain in the mouth! hehe I hate teeth trouble.

  2. carrie

    Lawanda – I don’t yawn, but I do cry when the book is sad – or happy – or nostalgic, etc. The kids just roll their eyes and wait for me to get under control! ;)

  3. Mama Heffalump

    I’m loopy from lack of sleep last night… Rosie was up at 1 am hurling! *Blech*

  4. carrie

    Mama – I hope Rosie feels better soon!