3 Hours and 45 Minutes

November 27, 2006 Categories: Kid Stuff , This and That | 7 Comments  

In the dentist chair, that is. That little filling that needed repaired? It turned into a full root canal and filling. My mouth is very. very. sore. The dentist gave me a prescription for Lortab, but I’m sweating it out with ibuprofen cause I don’t like that loopy feeling.

Jonathan had three baby teeth pulled to make room for his GIANT adult teeth that are coming in, and all four of the kids had cleanings and check-ups. No cavities, yay!

The coolest thing was that the kids sat in the waiting room for most of the 3 hours and 45 minutes – minus their 20 minute check-ups – and were pretty darn near perfect little angels. I asked one of the techs how the kids were doing when she came through, and she said, “Oh, they’re doing great. You have such well-mannered children, Carrie.” Did this mama’s heart good. Of course, it helped that they had Cars on DVD going in the waiting room.

So there’s something else crossed off my “I’ve never…” list. I’ve now experienced a root canal – and I hope it’s the last!


  1. Randi

    It is so nice to have things like that ALL DONE! I hope you are feeling a little better today and that you can manage without the painkillers.

    You kids sound like real sweeties! So nice to be able to trust them to behave!

  2. Mama Heffalump

    I’ve had one root canal in my nearly 41 years. I will NEVER get another! *Yikes*

    Glad all is well with the kids teeth! No cavities! *Yay*

    CARS seems to have that effect on Rosie too… *LOL*

  3. Robin

    (((hugs to you))) I can totally sympathize! Been there, done! Don’t want to again! Kudos to the kiddies!

  4. carrie

    Randi – I’m pretty sore, but the ibuprofen seems to be enough to make it manageable. I have to go out for two separate appointments today, so I can’t take the painkillers before I drive in the snow!

    Mrs. Moo- I’d like to see Cars again, too – I really enjoyed it the first time.

    Robin – thanks!

  5. Debs

    I had to have a root canal last summer, but the guy did it over several sessions – the first was the worst, and then he said that as I was going on holiday he’d do it when I came back, only then he went on holiday and it was about a month later that he finished it off! – and I’d been expecting the worst and the second bit was actually ok, just felt really odd. Still does feel odd sometimes (just to warn you!)
    I hope the pain calms down soon, and that the kids continue to be little angels so you get some recovery time properly without having to deal with them!

  6. carrie

    Debs – He mentioned doing a “temporary” filling and me coming back, but at that point I had already been in the chair 2 and a half hours and the thought of coming back – well, I didn’t know if I could make myself! :)

  7. Lawanda

    Oh no! I am sorry you had to have all that trouble with your teeth. (I cannot stand dentists! LOL)

    But I am glad your kids were so good. That is such a nice feeling :)