Review of Before I Wake

October 31, 2006 Categories: Books , Reviews | 6 Comments  

(Before I Wake was provided to me by Active Christian Media for the purpose of review.)

Before I Wake
by Dee Henderson
Tyndale Fiction
Romantic Thriller

I have adored Dee Henderson‘s books ever since I fell in love with the O’Malley family series a few years back. Ms. Henderson’s fiction is suspenseful and well-written, and deals with issues that people of faith face every day – even if we aren’t a hostage negotiator or paramedic or hold any of the other high-adrenaline jobs her characters have.

Before I Wake is a romantic thriller along the same lines as the O’Malley series. Rae Gabriella is an ex-FBI agent starting over as a private investigator in the firm her ex-boyfriend owns. Her first day on the job throws her into the middle of a murder investigation, a local labor strike, and feelings of attraction to two different men, one of whom she has a past with.

The characters are well-written, and the plot is suspenseful. I read this book in two days – and it was a perfectly entertaining read to follow up Great Expectations with. The only problem I had was that the ending seemed fairly abrupt. I wanted more! But if I’m reading things right, I believe this book is the beginning in a series that has the potential to be as great as the O’Malley series is.

Intertwined with the mystery is the characters’ theological struggle with why God allows so much evil in the world. This is handled well in dialogue and is never heavy-handed. I imagine this is a topic Christians in law enforcement deal with on a daily basis.

I give this book 3 and a half out of 4 stars. I will definitely be reading any further books in this series. If you’re a fan of romantic thrillers, this is a great read.


  1. Karen

    I think I’ve read one of her books before and enjoyed it. Finding Christian fiction in public libraries is hard to do, and buying it can be quite cost-prohibitive, so I don’t get to read as much of it as I would like!

  2. Mrs. Moo

    3 1/2 out of 4? Hmm… must’ve been for the abrupt ending! Thanks for the review! *Squish*

  3. carrie

    Karen – have you mentioned wanting more Christian fiction to your librarians? Our library is really good about ordering stuff that they don’t already have. Her O’Malley series is worth owning, too, in my opinion.

    Mrs. Moo – yep, the ending is what dinged it. Still worth the read, though.

  4. Jennifer, Snapshot

    Interesting. I agree with Karen that it’s harder to find Christian fiction here in the NE (as opposed to in the South). I may request it to my librarians–give them some authors to look into.

    Also, we do have a state system here, so I can access any book in the CT library system, which does help.

  5. carrie

    Jennifer – our library does that, too – I love it, especially for homeschooling.

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