She’s her mother’s daughter

October 27, 2006 Categories: Kid Stuff , Television | 4 Comments  

The boys’ favorite shows to watch during TV time now that we have “channels”: Crocodile Hunter and Spongebob Squarepants

Natalie’s favorites: Emeril Live and A Baby Story :)


  1. Debs

    Crocodile hunter is great! I love it when I’m babysitting for other people’s kids and have an excuse to watch kids TV! My other excuse is just that I work with kids so I need to know where they’re at..!

  2. Andrea (admin)

    *snort* :D

  3. carrie

    Debs – I like Croc Hunter, too. Makes me sad now, though.

    Andrea – I’m just waiting til she can put some of those great recipes from Emeril to use!

  4. Mrs. Moo

    Glad you are all enjoying your new channels!:o)