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We succumbed. To channels, that is. That’s what my kids call having more television options than the grainy Fox network that our rabbit ears pick up. After five years of no cable, the Direct TV man will be making a visit to our house tomorrow morning. Probably right in the middle of science. I tried to talk Kevin into working from home tomorrow so he could handle the whole thing, but that’s another story.

Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been completely TV-less. We have had our trusty Fox channel-via-antenna, bringing us such goodies as House, Bones, and, of course, American Idol. (And such trash as The OC and Family Guy.) And my wonderful parents have been kind enough to record a couple of other favorites for us: NCIS and Lost – and, more recently, The Unit.

But now that Kevin’s promotion affords us a little more financial stretch room, and since I’ve whined about the Seahawks games that aren’t on Fox and missing our shows when my mom and dad are out of town and forget to set the VCR, Kevin has blessed me with satellite TV.

And I’m not kidding myself – I know that it’s really all for me. Kevin told me as much. To which I responded, “Well, then let’s not get it, I don’t want to cost the family $30 a month.”

To which he responded, “Well, aren’t you worth it?” (Cue: aw, how sweet.)

To which I responded by pouting because I felt guilty for wanting it in spite of the fact that he didn’t. And basically I had a little tantrum and said, “No, we shouldn’t get it.”

To which Kevin responded, “Sometimes you make me feel like I’m d**ned if I do, and d**ned if I don’t. Can’t I just do this for you?”

To which I said, meekly, “I’m sorry, honey, I’ll let you get me channels.”

I’m ashamed to say that I’m not kidding and that conversation actually happened. Someday I’ll learn.

The kids are almost as excited as I am. Discovery Kids, Animal Planet, and the Food Network! (Natalie loves cooking shows.) We’re hoping to invest in a DVR around Christmas time, and then I can record and catalog all those wonderful History Channel and Learning Channel shows for school.

But mostly, I’m glad I won’t miss anymore Seahawks games. (And along that note: Mr. Hasselbeck, Noah wants me to tell you that we are praying for your knee to heal quickly so you can play next week.)


  1. Lisa

    Natalie and Rosie have something in common! I have seen so much Rachel Ray that I cringe at the mere sound of her voice. She is banned at the present. Paula Deen hasn’t begun to grate on my nerves… Yet! *LOL* What a wonderful time to be getting your channels. Just in time for holiday specials! *Grin*

  2. Andrea (admin)

    Yay for channels! Last night, we spent quite a bit of time watching a new tomb in Egypt be discovered on the, er, Discovery channel. And you knwo how muhc Meaghan likes the Food Network. It’s on late, but you might give Iron Chef a spin. ;)

  3. Lawanda

    See I could live with just the Fox channel. American Idol and House are my faves, and during the day don’t they do reruns of Law and Order? (That may be a different one – maybe USA)

    But we have basic cable, and Kevin is always the one who wants more channels here! LOL

  4. carrie

    Lisa – yes, holiday specials did enter my mind. I love Christmas!

    Andrea – I have watched Iron Chef before at my sister’s house (also Andrea :) ) when I visited her in Boise a couple years ago. She has Food network on 24/7 – it’s pretty much background to her day. I’m looking forward to when Natalie is Meaghan’s age and can put all this love of cooking to work!

    Lawanda – I’m my father’s daughter – TV and movie junkie! Now the trick will be to discipline myself and not become a complete vegetable.

  5. Michelle

    Sigh. We’re still cable-free and only get four full stations when there’s a storm (don’t know why the weather affects the reception). I don’t know how much longer we can hold out though.

  6. Lawanda

    I am a movie junkie too! I do like tv, and if I get caught up, I do tend to veg. :-p

  7. carrie

    Michelle – that’s funny that you get more channels during a storm! We held out for five years, and we’ll just have to see if it becomes a problem with the kids. They were so excited yesterday – Crocodile Hunter, Zaboomafoo, Cyberchase. But I also had several requests for food items they saw on commercials. ;)

    Lawanda – I did pretty good last night. We watched our show and when it was over I didn’t just mindlessly flip through channels, I turned on the classical music station and read instead. I don’t want to fritter away my reading time with garbage. But it’s also nice to know when I’ve had “one of those days” and can’t concentrate I have mindless entertainment available.

  8. Kev

    “Trash like the Family Guy”? Family Guy was brilliant in its first two seasons, then it became trash… I haven’t watched more than an episode or two since season 3.

    Rubi and I like House and Bones also.
    Heroes on NBC is really good.

    I wish cable let you pick and choose which channels you wanted an charged you an a la carte rate. We’d only have the broadcast channels (for better reception) and a handful of cable channels – not this 70 or more that we have now and just watch a few of…

  9. carrie

    Kev – my husband and I are getting caught up on Heroes this week from the tapes my dad made for us and will hopefully be up to speed by next Monday. We loved the premiere, but time has prevented us watching any of the other episodes so far. We’ve also wished for an a la carte system, but until then we’ve programmed our menu to only show the channels we’re interested in so that we don’t have to scroll through stuff like MTV and E! We have also set up a separate menu just for the kids. Some channels are showing scary movies for Halloween right now and I don’t want to deal with nightmares from commercials they came across while channel-surfing.

  10. Ron

    Sounds like reverse psychology to me ;) Really though, we had just 3 channels for years. When I got the satellite because I was doing the IT work for them I had everything except for the payperview. It didn’t take that long for us to realize as a family that in addition to quite a bit of stuff that we enjoy watching there is alot of crap.

  11. carrie

    Ron – I know, it was bad. And I wasn’t really trying to be manipulative, but that’s how it comes off. And yes, there is definitely a lot of crap. I like this system because I can program the remote to only show the channels that the kids are allowed to watch. That way they don’t even flip past all those other channels.

  12. Kev

    I love that feature!! I wish we had it.
    Our TV has the option of removing channels, but then they are completely gone.

  13. Andrea (admin)

    We’ve got a bunch of channels blocked too. Mostly ones we don’t get that still show up on the guide (and all the 1946964064 sports ones, UGH), so at least we don’t have to scroll through them or read about it.

  14. carrie

    Kev – that wouldn’t be good – I only want to get rid of some of those channels – like Sci-Fi- for the kids, not for us.

  15. carrie

    Andrea – yes, it’s amazing how many sports channels there are. And I love football, but a whole channel for the NFL? Please.