Three things about my children…

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PopTart Mom tagged me to do this one.

Three things about Natalie:
~She was only 4 pounds 12 ounces at birth.
~Her pictures at age 2 and 3 look just like me.
~She is a girly girl and loves to watch chick flicks with me.

Three things about Noah:
~He loves to draw – and is very good at it.
~He loves anything to do with animals.
~He has a special smile that he reserves just for me.

Three things about Jonathan:
~He has a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
~He is insatiably curious.
~He has more energy than the other three combined.

Three things about Josiah:
~His belly laugh cracks me up – as well as everyone else around.
~He is ticklish everywhere.
~He is a little charmer – and thus very difficult to discipline.

I tag: Andrea and Ron (I’m curious to see how your answers are different), Crissy, and Laney – if you want to and have time, of course.


  1. PopTart Mom

    So glad you played! :o )

  2. Lynn

    Your kids all sound great! :)

  3. barefoothomeschool

    They sound like they keep you on your toes ;o)

  4. Lawanda

    Awwww! What cute lil sweeties you have! I love that the first two names are N’s and the second are J’s! Did you plan that? ;) hehe

  5. Ron

    Just saw this. It may be a couple nights before I get to it. Andrea is starting to feel better and may be in shape to do some internet stuff tomorrow.

  6. Laney

    I’ll do it now! :-)

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