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August 25, 2006 Categories: Books , Homeschooling , Kid Stuff , Music , This and That | 3 Comments  

A little late, but it’s still Friday on my side of the world, so not too late.

Ron has put together a Homeschooling for Dummies, Part 1 post to address some of the basic issues homeschoolers are faced with.

I’ve seen these cartoons featured on some people’s blogs (though I can’t remember offhand which ones) and I finally clicked through and read all the archives. Very funny and true to life. Just click on next cartoon to keep going through to the current one.

Faithful Mommy linked to this music video. Have the kleenex handy!

D. C. Roe is continuing in his effort to find 2,996 bloggers to commemorate the 2,996 victims of September 11, 2001. As of last Saturday, he needed 996. If you want to help, click on over.

Elizabeth Kennedy at the About Children’s Books page has put together a Calendar of Children’s Books. She’s included books for every month of the year, from major holidays to minor events like National Poetry Month and Read Aloud Day.

That’s it! I’m completely worn out from more spring (late summer) cleaning and then wonderful food and conversation with friends. Remember this post? Well, a homeschooling family moved into our area this spring and we have been slowly getting to know each other. They have two boys – and my kids are so thrilled to find fellow homeschoolers to play Pokemon and talk Harry Potter with. Michelle and I have a lot in common, including an addiction to books and love (and a heritage rooted in) all things Irish. They joined us for burgers off the grill and lots of talking and laughing this evening. I know that we may not agree on everything, but I believe I’ve found a Christian homeschooling mom who I can have a conversation with – even about things we disagree on – and come away as much friends as we were before. So tonight, I’m feeling grateful for new friends.


  1. Lawanda

    Thanks for the links! And how awesome you found a friend! that’s always good :)

  2. Karen

    I’m hoping to make a homeschooling friend soon as well. I’m glad one has come your way.

  3. Christina

    Glad this has worked out for you. We were basically kicked out of a homeschool group because of our stand on things like HP and Yu-Gi-Oh, which is what my son is into now. We also play Dungeons and Dragons on occasion, and no, we don’t run around casting spells. It’s make believe!! But due to some other family differences, like the fact that my family no longer attends church, apparently the group leader decided she didn’t want us there. But I discovered that a few people that used to attend a local Christian school are now homeschooling and they are starting a local group in our area. These are people we’ve known, they know our beliefs and what we’ve gone through over the past few years, and we don’t believe we’ll be judged by them for what is going on right now. We’ll have our first meeting next week and I’m looking forward to it.