The Fair

August 24, 2006 Categories: Kid Stuff , This and That | 8 Comments  

We made our annual trip to the fair this evening after dinner, and I have to say I liked it much better than the madhouse that is Saturday morning at the fair. Number one, it was cool; number two, there were less people; and number three, the kids were well-behaved – probably because of numbers one and two.

After Noah and Natalie scaled the rock-climbing wall several times and Jonathan and Josiah went down the big slide and bounced in the castle – and we’d seen every horse, cow, llama, goat, rooster, chicken, guinea pig, rabbit, turkey, and duck under creation – we sat down to share an elephant ear. (Do all fairs have those, or is it a regional thing?)

Jonathan (6yo), my picky eater, refused to take a bite. I kept coaxing and finally got him to try it. As he licked the cinnamon and sugar off his fingers he said, “That’s good. So do they just cut its ear off?”

After we quit laughing, we quickly explained that it’s only called an elephant ear because of the size and shape, and that it’s simply fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. He was much relieved.


  1. Jennifer

    I’ve seen elephant ears at the fairs in Illinois, although I’ve never tried one. Sounds good though!

  2. Laura

    Elephant ears? No, don’t have them. We have beaver tails which sound quite similar. It’s great to live in Canada eh?! hahaha

  3. PopTart Mom

    We have funnel cakes! *Yum*

  4. Meg L.

    We have funnel cakes and elephant ears. Decisions decisions….

  5. Andrea (admin)

    Like what Laura said, but not so much out east here. :)

  6. Lawanda

    LOL! Kids are awesome. We have elephant ears, funnel cakes, and of course cotton candy and candy apples. Those are my kids’ fair faves :)

  7. Randi

    Too Funny! It is a good thing he mentioned that because he would’ve missed out! ;)

  8. TJ

    Elephant ears here in Michigan (and funnel cakes, which are somehow different – or maybe they’re just different vendors??).

    My oldest was reluctant to try chocolate milk at first. He knew about mama’s milk, and cow’s milk. The guinea pig at his preschool was named Chocolate. Well, he put 2 and 2 together and got 5 – sort of like your son and his elephant ears!