Three more things…

August 23, 2006 Categories: Memes & Quizzes | 4 Comments  

Pet Peeves:
Peope who condemn something that they know nothing about
Drivers who refuse to let me in on the freeway
Toilet seats left in the upright position

Favorite Sounds:
My children’s laughter

Favorite Candy:
Lindor Truffles
Snickers bars
Peanut M&Ms

Biggest Fears:
Losing one of my children
Losing my husband
Underwater aquariums

Biggest Challenges:
Being patient with my kids
Sticking to Weight Watchers
Keeping my house clean

Favorite Department Stores:
Where I live, we have one choice – Walmart
When I go to Spokane, I shop at Barnes & Noble – is that considered a department store? It has departments: literature, history, computers, religion, etc.

Most Used Words:
I love you.
Stop hitting (kicking, punching, pushing) your brother.
Please settle down!

Favorite Pizza Toppings:

Favorite Cartoon Characters:
Tom & Jerry

Movies Recently Watched:
The Ron Clark Story
Sharpe’s Rifles
Northern Exposure on DVD (not a movie, I know)

Favorite Fruits:

Favorite Vegetables:

Hat tip: Everyday Mommy


  1. PopTart Mom


  2. TJ

    Cauliflower is your favorite vegetable yet you can’t think of more? Oh my. That one would be near the bottom of my list – maybe I just don’t know the proper way to prepare it…

    it’s fun to get these little insights into other people’s tastes!

  3. Lawanda

    Good one! (I did this one too LOL)

    I cant believe your only fave veggie is cauliflower! hehehe

    We only have walmart too…kinda stinks! :-p

  4. Carrie K.

    TJ & Lawanda – I thought it was odd as I typed it, but I honestly couldn’t think of any more. I can tolerate different vegetables, but I wouldn’t call them favorites. Plus I put butter and salt on my cauliflower, so that kind of cancels out the healthiness, doesn’t it? ;)