Last night

August 22, 2006 Categories: Kid Stuff | 9 Comments  

Josiah came to Kevin last night after being tucked in and said, “I need to yawn, but I can’t!”

Kevin tucked him back in only to have him come out a few minutes later: “I need to go to Mommy. So she can take me to the hospital – because I can’t yawn!

This morning I asked him about it and he said, “I still can’t yawn.”

Then later on when we were in the car taking the older kids to art class, he shouted, “Hey, Mommy! I yawned!”

Little blessings. ;)


  1. tonia

    And how many of us are yawning right now, I wonder?

  2. momof3feistykids


  3. Carolyn ~ The Learning Nook

    OMG! How cute is that?!

  4. carrie

    Tonia – I yawn every time I think of it!

    Momof3 and Carolyn – :)

  5. TJ

    Has he ever been on an airplane? You know how you tell your kids to yawn (or chew, or drink, or…) to keep their ears open? Maybe he needed to pop his ears… Or maybe he’s just inherently amusing like all young kids and I need to stop analyzing this. :^)

  6. PopTart Mom

    How sweet is that! *Grin*

  7. Laney

    So sweet! I love the funny things that kids say!

  8. hornblower

    I’d have been freaking out, trying to remember whether the tetanus shots were still valid……
    glad to hear he’s had a good yawn this morning.
    Could he be cutting a molar way in the back?

  9. Carrie K.

    I checked – no molar coming in. I’ve had this happen to me before – something to do with thinking about it too much, then you can’t do it. The more you want to, the harder it is. Once you forget about it, then you’re fine. I just thought it was cute how much of a crisis he thought it was! :)