June 28, 2006 Categories: This and That | 9 Comments  

This game. Hat tip: A Life in Pages.


  1. Scrappitydoodah

    Oh, myyyyy. That is fuuuuuun.

    I am addicted already!

  2. Carrie K.

    Scrappity- told ya! ;)

  3. Karen

    Can’t get it to work for me! :(

  4. Angie

    Ok, that was a neat. Ok, gonna go play again..later.
    (I know you warned us!)

  5. Jacki

    Desperately trying to find out how to actually connect with other moms that I’m reading about here. Love the book talk, kid talk, etc. Seems too good to be true to find like-minded moms in one place!

  6. carrie

    Karen – you might need to download a certain plugin – I think it mentioned that somewhere on the page.

    Angie – I’ve played it too many times already!

    Jacki – I’m glad you stopped by – I’m sending you an e-mail.

  7. Karen

    It started working for me yesterday… I guess the server was just down when I was trying.

  8. Karen

    OK, just had to brag… I finally made the top 10! Those folks at the very top must play A LOT to be able to get the answer typed in within 1-2 seconds.

  9. Carrie K.

    Karen – cool! I made the top 10 once, but there are some I ABSOLUTELY cannot figure out no matter how many times I seem them.