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My bio page is up at 5 Minutes for Mom. This is really a great service, you should check it out if you’d like more exposure for your blog and a way to find other mom blogs. Be sure to scroll down and click on the interview link.


  1. Laura

    That’s really neat. Thanks!

  2. laney

    You know, I saw that Good Grief book but put it back for Anne Tyler. Now I guess I’ll just have to go back to the libraray!:-)

    I love your Memorial Day tribute. i just read a book called Fly Boys (about some pilots shot down and held captive and later killed) that was written by the grandson of one of the flag raisers. Very good!

  3. Andrea (admin)

    Dang, you plugged us GOOD, girl! :D I guess I’d better sign up and spread the love. ;)

    Have you noticed an increase in traffic at all?

  4. Leann

    That is so cool… BUT I AM SO NOT SPEAKING TO YOU AGAIN!!!!! You didn’t list all 342 of your blog friends… ROFLOL …and if you believe I am really mad I have some serious swampland in Arizona to sell you. (((((CARRIE))))) I may have to look into this service.

    BTW, God has put you on my mind this week a bunch I hope you are feeling better.