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April 30, 2006 Categories: Books , Reviews | 1 Comment  

(Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell was provided to me free of charge by Active Christian Media, who received it from the publisher for the purpose of being reviewed.)

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I can’t remember the last book of James Scott Bell’s I read, but I do remember I enjoyed it. I don’t remember, however, not wanting to put it down and devouring it in two days, which was what happened when I started reading Presumed Guilty.

Dallas Hamilton is a woman of faith. Her husband, Ron, is pastor of a rapidly growing church in L.A. and a published author. She is satisfied with her work helping battered women and children and supporting her husband’s campaign against the pornography industry. The fact that their marriage has grown a little distant is something she’s sure will change.

Her world is shattered when one morning she comes downstairs to police lights and her husband being arrested for murder. Pastor Ron Hamilton, outspoken warrior against the pornography industry, is being accused of sleeping with and then murdering an adult film star. Her husband could never have done it – or could he have?

James Scott Bell has written an unrelenting thriller. He doesn’t shy away from the damage done to people by pornography and adultery. He’s honest about the fact that sin exists even in the church and that it needs to be dealt with. And I especially enjoyed the fact that I couldn’t figure everything out. I hate reading a mystery when I know the answer before I reach the middle. With this book, I thought I knew what was going on, and then the ending totally surprised me, which is what I like in a thriller.

If you like legal thrillers or mysteries, definitely pick up this book. Just make sure you have lots of time for uninterrupted reading!

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  1. CarolG

    Carrie, I just chuckle to myself that you had time to read a book for yourself after that long list of read-alouds! I’m the same way! Heck, after reading all the kids books, I’m ready for reading for myself by bedtime! Is that when you get to read, right before bed? Or have you found another suitable time? I’ve never found the bathroom to work for me…!