In Which Things Start to Make Sense

April 27, 2006 Categories: All About Me | 10 Comments  

My doctor’s nurse called Tuesday to tell me the results of my sinus culture. It’s a combination of yeast and strep/pneumonia bacteria. We discussed the options and decided it didn’t make a lot of sense to thrown antibiotics into a system as out of whack as mine is, and especially since there is already an overgrowth of yeast.

So I’m taking an anti-fungal to clear up the yeast and using a new sinus rinse apparatus that works really well. It actually forces the saline solution into one nostril, through the sinus cavities, and out the other. Sounds painful, huh? But it’s not – at all. I’m hoping this will clear it up.

On doing some research on systemic candida infections (systemic because I don’t have the typical yeast infection women think of), and one of the symptoms is endocrine disorders. The endocrine system includes the adrenals, which produce dopamine, which I am, for some unknown reason, making too much of. Aha! Now this makes sense. Especially since they can’t find anything else wrong with me. (At least not physically – we won’t get into all the ways I’m slightly crazy.)

I’m looking into some natural ways to take care of an overgrowth of yeast. I still need to make a chiropractor appointment, too. And I still have the appointment with the endocrinologist on May 26th. But I’m hoping I won’t need it and that we have (finally) discovered the answer.

Thank you so much for all the kind comments, prayers, suggestions, and concern. You are all terrific! Blogging has brought so many wonderful things to my life, but you are the best of all.


  1. lady laura

    One of the things I have heard/read is that yeast thrives on a white flour, sugar, and carbs. Depending on your normal diet, that may be bad news-lol.

    So glad that you are getting to the bottom of things and will hopefully be “all better”!

  2. Perri

    Glad you got this figured out. I see you are listening to A Light in the Window. My favorite series.

  3. mamaheffalump

    Try reading The Yeast Connection by William G. Crook M.D. It really was an eye opener for me. *Hugs*

  4. Randi

    Some answers–Yeah! These sound like fairly treatable problems. I am glad that things are working out for you, Carrie!

  5. Karen

    I am so glad you are on the way to figuring this all out!

  6. Leah

    You should keep that endo appointment. He/She can do blood work and find things that a general prac cannot find. Natural is a great way to go. If you have a yeast overload, cut out the sugar. Anywhere you know sugar is, cut it out–even fruit juices, that are so high in natural sugars.
    Be careful not to try all the “fad” natural cures-that can make things worse, trust me.
    And honestly, at first glance, this looks a lot like diabetis?

  7. Carrie K.

    Lady Laura – technically, the sugar thing shouldn’t be too hard for me since I’m still on Weight Watchers. In reality, I haven’t been as good lately as I should – I still tend to eat when I’m stressed. Getting back on track though – haven’t gained anything back, just stalled the losing for a while.

    Perri – Mitford is one of my favorite series, too. I’ve read them all a couple times, but I wanted something familiar to listen to right now. It really helps on those nights when I can’t sleep.

    Mama – I’ll have to check into that book – thanks!

    Randi – thanks for the concern and prayers through this. And the encouragement your blog has been!

    Karen – thanks – me, too!

    Leah- Thanks for the info. They have tested me extensively for diabetes already and I don’t have it. I do plan to keep the endo appointment next month, but I’m hoping that I will be feeling better by then and she won’t find anything. Yes, I’ve been reading about yeast and have found a lot of interesting stuff. The product I’m considering using is simply pro-biotics, like acidophillus and the other “good” bacteria that are found in yogurt. They help keep yeast in our system under control. I think I’ve had so many rounds of antibiotics over the last few years that all of my good bacteria has been killed along with the bugs. One friend said, “Look on the bright side – with all the tests they’ve run, you’ve found out how healthy you are!” And she’s right. They’ve tested me for diabetes, hypoglycemia, thyroid problems, liver problems, heart problems and have done a CAT scan of my entire torso and pelvic area and everything’s normal. So if we can just find out the cause of this dopamine problem, I’m good to go!

  8. Leann

    The Yeast Connection has helped me a great deal! There are also some helpful things in the Maker’s Diet. I have struggled with mold allergies and yeast issues for MANY YEARS! I eat lots of yogurt and cut out as much “white” foods as possible. BUT the most important thing I can say to you is that I am praising with you that you have some answers and will continue to pray that you get some solutions and relief very soon! I love you my dear!!!

  9. Leann

    Oh, was also going to tell you that I do the nose flush stuff, too. I make my own saline type stuff if you want the recipe. It is a great natural recipe and works fabulously. Just lmk if you want it…

  10. CarolG

    Carrie, I have a good friend who has a yeast problem too. She also has to watch the sugars. I think she also recommended the Yeast Connection. It is a difficult problem to overcome. Keep seeking God for answers!