I am blessed…

March 30, 2006 Categories: All About Me , Faith | 9 Comments  

….to have so many wonderful sisters (and brothers, Ron!) in Christ who are praying for me and leaving such wonderful notes of encouragement for me. I sat at the computer and cried this morning as I read all of the precious comments. I was encouraged and lifted up to know that so many people are praying for me. The Body of Christ is especially beautiful to me right now. And since we’ve just left our church of nine years, this has spoken to me so clearly of how the Body is not confined to one group of people or one building.

I saw my doctor this morning and feel encouraged that he is taking measures to find out what is going on. He said that the elevated dopamine levels could be from something else, but a tumor is definitely a possibility and we need to check on that right away. His nurse is setting up referrals and appointments for me for a CAT scan of my entire torso, and to see an endocrinologist and gastro-intestinal specialist. I will also go in tomorrow morning before I eat and have some more blood drawn to test levels that are specific to the endocrine system.

I am hoping and praying that it won’t take long to get the necessary referrals from my insurance company and to get the appointments set up. The waiting and wondering is the worst. I’ll feel better emotionally when I know exactly what we’re dealing with and have a plan in place to start fixing things.

On a happier note, Kevin and I are going out tonight to the movies to see Firewall and celebrate our 11th anniversary. It’s actually tomorrow, but our little town only has one theater and tomorrow Ice Age 2 will start and we’ll wait and see that one with the kids – who will appreciate it more.

Thank you again for being such a blessing in my life! I never imagined when I started this blog that God would use the people who read it to build me up and challenge me and to be true friends.


  1. Mama Heffalump

    Papa and I just celebrated 11 years too (March 18th)! Congratulations to you and Kevin! *Smile*


  2. Randi

    More (((HUGS))) for you, Carrie. I am waiting along with you for the results!

    We only have one theater in our little town too, but next month we will have a 4-plex opening up! Woo-hoo! Small town life is funny, isn’t it?

  3. Perri

    I will be praying that your tests can be done quickly and the problem resolved to God’s glory.

  4. carrie

    Mama – Happy Anniversary – a little late – to you two!

    Randi – the worst part about being in a small town is that it takes a month or more for a new movie to make it to our town. So anyone I know who doesn’t have a problem with driving down to Spokane all the time gets to see everything before I do!

    Perri – thank you so much for your prayers.

  5. sparrow

    I’m a little behind…but I will be praying for you too Carrie. Hugs and love in Christ.

  6. carrie

    Sparrow – thank you.

  7. Ron

    Happy Anniversary. Good month for one ;)

  8. Andrea (admin)

    “I’ll feel better emotionally when I know exactly what we’re dealing with and have a plan in place to start fixing things.”

    Oh wow, this sounds exactly like what I would say! :D Hope things went well in everything you did that I missed. Will be praying big-time for ya.


  9. carrie

    Ron – back at ya!

    Andrea – thanks so much – it’s so great to “see” that you’re up and around and feeling better!