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(You can make your own here. Hat tip: A Circle of Quiet.)

Read Alouds for January 2006

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The Other Dog by Christine Davenier
Claude the Dog by Dick Gackenbach
The New Baby Calf by Edith Newlin Chase
Dear Mrs. LaRue by Mark Teague
Sweet Dream Pie by Audrey Wood
Officer Buckle & Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
Smoky Night by Eve Bunting
A Kiss For a Warthog by Wende Devlin
No Moon, No Milk! by Chris Babcock
God Thought of Everything Strange and Slimy by Bonnie Bruno
Bugs by Pat Matuszak
Mud by Mary Lyn Ray
Rattlesnake Dance by Jim Arnosky

Noah’s Reading – January 2006

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Garfield Beefs Up by Jim Davis
Garfield Bigger Than Life by Jim Davis
Garfield Eats His Heart Out by Jim Davis

Natalie’s Reading – January 2006

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The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis
Garfield Beefs Up by Jim Davis

I’m so disappointed…

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…that Cinderella Man was not nominated for an Oscar. And neither was Walk the Line. They were the best movies I saw this year. Great stories, fantastic acting, terrific writing. I just don’t get it.

The End of the Spear Controversy

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If you have read any blog posts about the controversy surrounding this movie and the homosexual actor Chad Allen who portrays Nate Saint in the movie – and if you read many Christian blogs, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t – you should check out these links:

This is an interview with Mart Green and Steve Saint, the producers of the movie. One of the major falsehoods circulating around the blogosphere is that Mr. Green and Mr. Saint read an article about Chad Allen in the homosexual magazine, The Advocate, and decided to hire him based on what they read there about his activities as a spokesman for the homosexual lifestyle. This is not true. Hopefully the bloggers who posted this false story as the truth will also post a retraction and apology for the pain they have caused Mr. Green and Mr. Saint and their families.

This is an article written by Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspectives Ministries, addressing the controversy and the various points of view. He very candidly discusses the Christian community’s willingness to believe things they have read or are forwarded in e-mails without checking the facts themselves. The worst part of this is that they then feel free to post about it on their blogs or hit that “forward” button on their e-mail and spread the falsehoods on to other Christians, many of whom will also believe it as truth. Mr. Alcorn says:

“In the End of the Spear controversy, many people will not get the word that the most damning things the article said about Steve Saint and Mart Green—things which many have forwarded and stated to others as gospel truth—are simply false. Some people will go to their graves believing this and telling others about it, and warning them not to watch the End of the Spear on DVD, not to watch the documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor, not to buy Steve Saint’s book or go hear him speak, etc. Or if they do, it will be under a cloud of suspicion.”

Sadly, he’s probably right. Please read these articles – and especially the interview that tells the story straight from the people involved – and then point others to them. Let’s pass the truth along, and maybe we can change the world’s image of Christians as knee-jerk reactors rather than people who can search out the truth and think for themselves.

What We Did Today

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(This was originally posted at the Atypical Homeschool forum.)

After breakfast, the kids watched a movie about Marco Polo while I finished The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio. 4 stars, by the way – great, uplifting memoir. And the author’s brothers and sisters (9 of them) all helped with the memories and fact-checking, so I think I can safely say it’s not made up, unlike other memoirs we’ve recently heard about! After that, I read aloud to Nan and Noah and Jon about Ben Franklin being a printer’s apprentice when he was a boy and then we did a printing experiment – cutting up mirror-image letters and pasting them in a message that we could read when we held up to the mirror. Noah was convinced his mom had lost her mind when I told him to past the letters on right to left instead of left to right. He was so sure that he was right and I was wrong that he was practically in tears! I told him he could do it or not, it was up to him, so he did it and of course thought I was brilliant when we could read his message, “The frog hopped.”, in the mirror.

Then I listened to Noah read some more out of his Danger Joe book, explained suffixes and adding two digit numbers to him. He helped Josiah do some pages in his preschool book and I worked with Jonathan on numbers to 40 and the hard sound of “g”.

Then we had lunch and headed to the barber shop for haircuts for all three boys. We stopped at my mom and dad’s to visit and pick up the tape of Extreme Home Makeover that they recorded for me Sunday night. We visited for a while and then headed home. I worked with Nan on some multiplication activities using manipulatives and she did some of her grammar.

I started a load of laundry and now I’m having “my time” on the computer while they watch a movie. I need to head up and clean the bathroom soon, since we’re having company tomorrow. Thank God for leftovers in the freezer – tater tot casserole for dinner tonight.

I almost forgot Jonathan’s reaction at the barber shop! The lady barber had some fake “ears” tacked to the wall with a sign that said, “Please hold still!” The ears looked real. When Jonathan climbed up into the chair and caught sight of those ears, his eyes got huge. He asked, “Whose ears are those?” The lady laughed and explained that they weren’t real – it was a joke. I’m not sure he believed her until she was done cutting his hair and could touch them for himself. He did hold extremely still, though!

Good News

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Last week I received my first check from Club Mom and bought myself two pairs of pants and a shirt — two sizes smaller than I was wearing a few months ago!

Our tax refund arrived today, and the loan on my van (the van I drive, the van Kevin drives is “Dad’s van”) will be paid off within the week! No more car payments for this family!

All of the kids have wonderful, fun places to stay when we go away for the weekend in February. Which translates: we have amazing friends.

Everyone is healthy.

It’s Friday!

Have a great weekend.

What We’ve Been…

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…Watching (Kevin and I):

…Watching (everyone):

We love Netflix!

…Listening to:

…Reading (Mom):




Thank you so much to anyone who has purchased items from Amazon using our links. It took six months, but I just got our first gift certificate! This is how I used it:

Snow Day

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Here’s my latest article at Club Mom. They also put up my bio page, where you can find links to past articles and where all future articles will be posted.