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July 27, 2005 Categories: This and That | 3 Comments  

Jo asked me to write about:

… where you live (you don’t have to get too specific if you don’t want to, but at least state/region please), whether or not you like it, the pros/cons of living there, the weather there and where you would rather live if you could. Also, I would love to know how you keep your food budget in line, your family’s favorite meals and recipes for such. Also, if anyone would like to share her schedules/routines that keep laundry done and house kept, this would be most welcome. Further, how do you reign in the internet monster? I think we are all tempted to get on here and stay all darn day. Do you ration yourself?

Whew! Is that all?

We live in northeastern Washington State. If you look at a map, we’re between Spokane and the Canadian border. I love our area. Some parts of eastern Washington are very desert-like — dry and brown. But we live in a beautiful valley with lots of green. We’re close to the lake we love to camp and boat at — we were just there yesterday. Our town is small and for the most part, people are very friendly. I would call the weather the only con. I love mild weather — spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. I’m not big on very hot or very cold, and at times we hit both ends of the spectrum. We usually have one or two weeks in the summer that get over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) and lots of days in the 90s. During the winter we get a few weeks below 20 degrees and have even been down to 4 before. So I guess if I was making a decision based on just that, I’d like to live somewhere where the temps are always mild. My Dad was stationed in San Diego once and says the weather there is great. But there are too many other positives to our hometown, so I think we’re here to stay.

Food budget. That’s a tough one. Kevin and I go back and forth on this one. Maybe you can resolve the issue. Our weekly budget is $150. That includes all food, paper products, cleaning supplies, shampoos and soaps, etc. We have a family of 6. I think that is really good. There are weeks when it is lower — usually not lower than $120, and weeks when I go over, but not usually over $165. It is hard, but my shopping list software on my Palm makes it easier. I know what I’ll be spending before I even leave the house. In order to stick to our budget, I tend to cook the same things over and over and not vary from that very often. (I will post some recipes for family favorites another day.)

Since I am always behind on my laundry and my housework, I will let someone more qualified answer this one.

The internet. Well, I have been much more lax in this department during the summer. That will definitely change when we start our school year again in September. There are days when I get a lot done and the temptation isn’t there. But when I am tired, or we’ve been extremely busy, I have a tendency to sit in front of this screen much longer. I usually just give myself a break for a day and try to get back under control the next day. It seems like there are days when there are so many things to blog about, and days when I can’t think of a durn thing!


  1. Andrea

    I am at the complete opposite end of the country to you. :)
    Our budjet for groceries is around $200 a week, same amount of people, and in Canadian dollars. So about the same. I can skin that down if I really have to.

    I also have a bunch of grocery tips and recipies over in my blog.
    Just look down the sidebar for the categories and choose “food”. :)

  2. kerri

    For a while I tried to get hubby to move up your way. We drove up to Republic to have a lookie-see. It is a beautiful place. I still have realestate sites in my favorites list “just in case maybe someday”. If he said “let’s go” I would in a heartbeat!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about these things!

    I, for one, would LOVE to live where you are. Frederick and I have seen pictures of Washington… especially near Spokane… and it just looks incredibly beautiful. You are so blessed to live somewhere so beautiful.

    As far as the grocery budget goes, that’s almost exactly the budget that I’m trying to fit into (what you have) except that I have less people (4), but I DO have tons of pets and their food I homemake so it’s in the grocery budget as well. And those stinky pets aren’t cheap.

    I would LOVE more grocery budget tips sometime from you.