Our week in review (and preview)

June 24, 2005 Categories: This and That | 3 Comments  

Monday: took the oldest two to Vacation Bible School, ran errands, did housework

Tuesday: VBS, the park, tried to watch House, but storms took out our antenna

Wednesday: VBS, grocery shopping, lost phone and DSL service, parents night and chili dog feed at VBS

Thursday: VBS, two hours on the phone with Qwest trying to fix our DSL problem, the park, clean bathroom

Today: last day of VBS, catching up on my blog-reading since I was off-line yesterday, library, baking Noah’s birthday cake, laundry, off to Mom and Dad’s for dinner and a late Father’s Day celebration since Dad was away last weekend

Tomorrow: Noah’s birthday party, which includes cake and ice cream, presents, and a water balloon fight involving 9 children and 500 water balloons (and probably 3 daddies, too)

Sunday: church — some friends of ours who are missionaries to the Ukraine will be visiting with their two newly adopted Ukrainian children — and then I plan to crash and do nothing! (Until Monday comes, and we start all over again.)

I hope to post something more coherent and interesting at some point this weekend, but don’t hold your breath!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. My bloodwork all came back normal. They ran labs to rule out cancer and lupus as possible causes of my pleurisy — so I’m thanking God!


  1. another lisa

    Glad to hear you are ok. My mom had pleurisy several times (and she has lupus). I have been worrying for a long time that I might get it too, as I am about her age. Aging really sucks.

  2. RANDI

    Praise God for the good news! I will be praying that the doctors can pinpoint the problem elsewhere.

  3. Billi-Jean

    Re: bloodwork… good news!