Oh, well…

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Here’s what I haven’t accomplished yet today, but should have:

– vacuuming the living room
– sweeping the dining room
– practicing worship songs for tonight’s team practice
– 3 loads of laundry spotted, washed, dried, and folded

Here’s what I have done:

– checked my e-mail and chatted with my sister and read through my blogroll
– filled up 200 water balloons and had a wild water fight with my kids

I think it was a day well spent. And it’s not over — so I’m off to try to check some more things off the first list. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer as much as I am!

Homeschooling Cartoon

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Check out this from Randi at I Have to Say. Funny!

Alien Invasion

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Christianity Today has ranked the top 10 Alien Invasion movies. For any other sci-fi fanatics out there — how do you think they did? I have to admit, I’ve only seen a few. I have a hard time with older sci-fi movies — I’m too distracted by the cheesy effects to enjoy the movie. But I love Independence Day. And Signs has to be one of the best — how can you beat Mel Gibson, theological overtones, and really freaky aliens? Also Joaquin Phoenix, who I think is one of the greatest young actors today. (Okay, maybe not that young compared to some, but he’s around my age, so that’s young, right?) I can’t wait to see War of the Worlds — Tom Cruise tabloid hype or not. So how many have you seen? Here’s their list: (You can click the link above to read the whole article with their commentary on each pick.)

10. Mars Attacks!
9. Men in Black
8. The Blob
7. The Day the Earth Stood Still
6. Predator
5. The Thing
4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
3. The War of the Worlds
2. Independence Day
1. Signs

More Ragamuffin Gospel

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In essence, there is only one thing God asks of us — that we be men and women of prayer, people who live close to God, people for whom God is everything and for whom God is enough. That is the root of peace. We have that peace when the gracious God is all we seek. When we start seeking something besides Him, we lose it. As Merton said in the last public address before his death, “That is His call to us — simply to be people who are content to live close to Him and to renew the kind of life in which the closeness is felt and experienced.”

Brennan Manning in The Ragamuffin Gospel

Our week in review (and preview)

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Monday: took the oldest two to Vacation Bible School, ran errands, did housework

Tuesday: VBS, the park, tried to watch House, but storms took out our antenna

Wednesday: VBS, grocery shopping, lost phone and DSL service, parents night and chili dog feed at VBS

Thursday: VBS, two hours on the phone with Qwest trying to fix our DSL problem, the park, clean bathroom

Today: last day of VBS, catching up on my blog-reading since I was off-line yesterday, library, baking Noah’s birthday cake, laundry, off to Mom and Dad’s for dinner and a late Father’s Day celebration since Dad was away last weekend

Tomorrow: Noah’s birthday party, which includes cake and ice cream, presents, and a water balloon fight involving 9 children and 500 water balloons (and probably 3 daddies, too)

Sunday: church — some friends of ours who are missionaries to the Ukraine will be visiting with their two newly adopted Ukrainian children — and then I plan to crash and do nothing! (Until Monday comes, and we start all over again.)

I hope to post something more coherent and interesting at some point this weekend, but don’t hold your breath!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. My bloodwork all came back normal. They ran labs to rule out cancer and lupus as possible causes of my pleurisy — so I’m thanking God!

That wasn’t so bad

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We’re online again! And it only took him an hour and it did not require any actions with words like “re-format” or “re-configure” which seem to send him into fits. I’ll post something tomorrow. I was going to say “something wonderful”, but I’m not making any promises.


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I’m posting this from my mom’s computer since our DSL is totally and completely messed up. Part of this is my fault and part of it is Qwest. Pray my husband doesn’t kill me! He’ll be working on it tonight to see if he can get it fixed. We lost phone and DSL service due to a storm, and he’s also been dealing with fixing problems at work on their computers and phone system. So the last thing he wanted to do was come home and fix ours. And remember, it’s day four with no chewing tobacco. And I’m still PMS-ing. Please pray he can get it fixed easily and doesn’t revert back to old habits due to stress. I won’t be able to reply to comments or e-mail until this is fixed. If it goes on a long time, I’ll borrow mom’s computer again, but it’s dial-up and slow. Just wanted you all to know so that you don’t think I’m ignoring you.

Have a great weekend!


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Kevin and I have been listening to the sermons of Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. You can download his sermons in MP3 format free on their web site. I particularly like the fact that he chooses a book of the Bible and goes straight through it. The series we’re currently listening to is on Ecclesiastes. There are some great messages in this series. I feel bad saying it, but I have a hard time listening to our pastor preach. Don’t get me wrong, I love our church. But our current pastor, who has been here for three years now, has a style of preaching that is very bombastic. Almost like a stand-up comedian. I guess I would say too much performance and not enough substance. I can say this because I know he doesn’t read my blog (or probably even know what one is) and no one who does read my blog has any idea what church I go to, so I think I’m okay. (Except of course my mom, but she’s the assistant pastor, and she already knows how I feel!) Anyway, I think this is why we enjoy listening to Pastor Driscoll’s sermons so much. They are very rooted in the Word, full of meat.

The one I listened to yesterday had a section on prayer that was so good I wanted to share it. Now keep in mind, I transcribed this right off the CD, and most people don’t talk in precise grammar. So the grammar is kind of funky, but what he’s saying is so right.

“Your view of God determines your view of prayer. Many religions view God, or “the gods”, as capricious, or mean, or ill-tempered. And to get God or “the gods” to do what you want them to do, you have to sort of bend their arm; you’ve got to wrestle with Him, to get God to do something that you want Him to do. So you pray for a really long time and you pray really seriously, thinking, “God isn’t loving. God won’t necessarily answer my prayer. So I’ve got to find a way to sort of force Him into it.”

Now what the Bible says, what Jesus says, is that we should pray to God as our – what? As our Father. As our Father. And when you understand that God is a Father and that He treats you as loved children, does that not change the way that we pray? Of course it does.

We don’t need to pray looooooong prayers. How many of you grew up in those homes where on Thanksgiving your uncle would pray? And the food was cold and it was ruined by the time he got done with his “thees” and “thous” and “beseeches” and “therefores” and “untos” and…We don’t need long prayers. We don’t need formal prayers. What we need is to bring our requests to the Lord, as a loving Father, and speak respectfully and let Him know how we perceive that we need Him.

I’ve got three kids. I’ll tell you this if you don’t know anything about me: I love being a dad. I am all about being a dad. Last night, my son Zack – it was the middle of the night – he starts screaming, wakes up his brother. He’s freaking out. So I go in and pick him up and he’s in that middle-of-the-night crazy, insane, half-asleep scream fest. And I ask him, I say, “What happened, buddy, what happened?” And I’m holding him, he’s crying, and he can’t say anything ‘cause he’s basically insane at this point. And finally he tells me, he says, “My knee hurts!” I said, “Okay.” So I start rubbing his knee, and that wasn’t doing anything, and I said, “Show me exactly where it hurts.” And he points to his calf. He had a charley-horse in the middle of the night. He’d never had a charley-horse before, so he’s freaking out like it’s Armageddon come into his bedroom. So I pick him up, and he says, “Daddy, fix it!” Ya know, there was no “I beseech you, therefore, unto…” You get my point, right? I’m his dad; he’s my boy. I love my boy – I adore my kids. I love being Dad. All my son has to do is say, “Dad, fix it!” and that’s good enough for me.

“Well, I don’t know if you really mean it – that was pretty short. You had a dangling participle, I don’t’ know.” No! “I’m your dad, you’re my kid, just tell me and I’m on it, because I love you.” So I hold my son and I pray over him and I rub out the charley-horse on his leg, and I kiss him and I tuck him back into bed.

You and I worship that kind of God. We worship that kind of God! He is a Dad who loves His kids. And when we come to Him to pray, we need to speak to God as we would to our dad – respectfully, but it doesn’t need to be formal. It’s not a business transaction. And just because we use lots and lots and lots words doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to get our prayer answered. The answering of prayer is not because you and I can pray long-winded, erudite prayers that manipulate God. It’s us, His kids, asking a Father whether or not He will do something for us or teach us something. And just like every dad, He’ll say “yes” or “no”. It’s not that complicated.”

Good stuff, huh? I’m so glad we have a Father who loves us and cares for us and who always has good for us — even if we can’t see it right now.


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My husband is trying to quit chewing tobacco — again — and I am PMS-ing. ‘Nuff said.

Book Meme

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Loni at Journaling Through the Valley tagged me to answer the book meme that’s been going around. (Makes it sound like a flu, doesn’t it?)

Q. The most books I’ve ever owned?

This is tough. The last two years, I have sold many of my books on Half.com to raise money for homeschool books and supplies. Before I started selling, I probably had around 700. Of course, some were too good to sell. About 600 or so. So that’s how many we still have. This is a guess, though — I’m not very good at estimating, and there’s no way I’m going to go count them all!

Q. The last book I bought…

Our library had its semi-annual used book sale yesterday, and I picked up these for myself:

Breathing Lessons and Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler
Trinity by Leon Uris

and these for Natalie:

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg

Q. The last book I read…

B is For Burglar by Sue Grafton

Q. The five books that meant the most to me…

The Bible — I use the New American Standard for in-depth study, and the New Living Translation or the Message for daily reading.

He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado
I re-read this every year during Lent.

The Mystery of Marriage: Meditations on the Miracle by Mike Mason
Our pastor had us read this during pre-marital counseling and it’s the best book on marriage I’ve ever read — and I’ve read a bunch!

Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli
You mean I’m not the only one who loves Jesus with all my heart and still messes up? A lot and often? You mean I can actually be real with my Christian brothers and sisters and they might actually be real with me? Transforming book.

Trinity by Leon Uris
One of the few novels I love to read over and over again. The first time I had a crush on a fictional character was the first time I read this — Connor Larkin, what a man! On a more serious note, this book helped me understand my heritage. (My maiden name is Shannon, like the river.)

There are many more, but it said five and these were the first five that came to mind. If you like memes and books, feel free to answer on your site and leave me a comment so I can go check it out. I love reading about books almost as much as I love reading books!